A Seaside Rendezvous with Adventure

Active Pass Lighthouse on Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Going for a boat ride feels like an almost mandatory activity when traveling to a seaside destination.

I also went paddle boarding. I have wanted to try it ever since I first heard about it fifteen years ago. But that wasn’t the reason. I was the excuse for my daughter to strike this one off her bucket list.

I am adding a dash of cocky these days. It has its costs.

My sunglasses were the victims of my first attempt to stand up on the paddle board. I had joked about the scenario while milling around during the registration formalities.

Later, while showing off new found navigation skills, I lost a little bit more pride by again falling off the board.

The ferry has left the quay. I have only just noticed. I am at the front of the ship.

Looking on the bright side is not working as the conclusion to my stories. Stuff like that doesn’t happen while sitting on the couch.

I try it with my bicycling wounds. I had built up a little speed, then the bike path got a little thinner, and then I had to choose between scraping the rock wall and going onto the pedestrian lane. I show my shoulder with the large blue and accompanying scabs.

I am worrying that I will miss an Orca sighting if I don’t pay attention. Then I remember that I am with boatload of people. The excitement over a log proves my point.

My stories were missing all the before and after fun.

5 thoughts on “A Seaside Rendezvous with Adventure”

  1. Love the paddle board. New discovery for me too. Funny image, you losing your sunglasses there…nice. Hope it was fun just the same!

  2. The older we get the costlier cocky gets! Kudos to you for trying 😉
    Sitting on the couch means you miss out on all sorts of adventures – blue-inducing or not.
    How did I not know this Queen song?

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