Space Traveller

After 58 revolutions around the sun, I am a veteran space traveller. I am adjusting and improving. I used to like the old me better than I liked me old.

“Been there, done that.” I celebrate every new been then lament the done that it entails.

I’m old enough to allow myself moments of grumpiness. I complain about things breaking down, wearing out quickly. If I blame the quality then I am not getting older.

Vinyl, ha ha! VCR, ha ha! I imagine that some people need to Duck Duck what a tennis racket press is (what happened to the racket press makers?). I needed Wikipedia to understand the NeHi phenomenon.

During hockey season I would watch the second half of the 11 o’clock news to get the day’s scores. Afterwards, I would choose between the two classic movies.

I understand the significance of a Siemens clock in 60’s Hong Kong. I’d say I’m dating myself but the restaurants are closed.

There are a hundred times more TV stations now, none that sign-off. The shortage of anthems is not noticed, the jingoists have their own 24-hour channels.

I am not beyond self-pity. Everyone admits that they are not perfect but no one will admit to themselves that they are not otherwise superhuman. Age sometimes forces a few concessions.