Quote of the Day

Quote with a picture of Will Rogers.

“We knock 12 women and children down to get on a street car ahead of everybody, then get home and stand on the corner and gab to some fellow who is tired listening to you.” — Will Rogers, “Let’s Keep Lindbergh Out of Vaudeville,” Tulsa Daily World (1927-06-05)

There is Soup on Your Chin

You had to have been there to know that it is soup.

One tongue for two lips. Sounds magical. Morals comes to mind. A man on a mountain telling you the secret to a fulfilled life. I am more interested in the fact that in every language that I know lips are considered as two. There is literally nothing separating the top from the bottom. Two halves do not make a plural.

My phone rings as I am setting my tray down. I ask for a minute and mumble something about my headset. I shuck the carry-on, the computer and my jacket.

I am heading south on a scouting mission. I was thinking of where to go for a vacation and had jokingly asked myself why not move there. I couldn’t find a good answer.

I pull my carry-on a little closer. My mind wanders back to the fellow travellers’ discussion. One had asked the other if they knew where they had lost the suitcase. I had wanted to answer that if they did, it wouldn’t be lost.

Being literal is sometimes funny and almost always amusing. At least for me. One of my observations led me to discover that Enola has a very unappealing groan. Something about something being newer than the others and my reply that the relative age did nothing for my knowledge of the age of the object.

That painting on the wall, or the painting on that wall. It’s the painting that draws my attention.

I have a friend I’ve never seen and he is intruding in my dream. He’s asking questions about my experience and giving me an answer I no longer want to hear. The job is in a neighbouring suburb only five kilometers away from where I live now.