Is That Ironic?

Thanks to Alanis Morissette, ironic is a word I always hesitate to use.

The dictionaries don’t remove my hesitation. Their examples never match the situation I want to qualify as ironic.

Amusing is too broad a description, too generic, and sometimes, because the situation makes me laugh out loud, too soft. I want more nuance.

Effin’, friggin’ fuckin’. They each have their own nuances when you have no reservations about fuckin’.

I don’t use euphemisms if I need to censor myself, I drop the subjective.

Regardless of the premise, I ignore arguments with too many subjective words.

Ever notice how little is being said when you take away all judgemental language. Pontifications get reduced to a few banal statements.

I want precision and end up with wordy qualifications, sentences with many more useless adjectives and adverbs than verbs and nouns, with endless nested conjunctions that require a degree in analytical logic to decipher, and where the validity of an argument hangs on the placement of comma. The infinite precision in the service of making sure I am understood correctly making the prose incomprehensible. Isn’t that ironic?

Radium 215 – Marie Curie

Street Art, 1 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 5th Arrondissement, Paris, France

Marie Curie by C215, Radium 215.

This portrait is part of C215’s series Radium 215 at the Curie Museum. The museum was formerly Marie Curie‘s laboratory and it is here that she performed her research from 1914-1934.

May 27, 2019
Curie Museum
1 rue Pierre et Marie Curie,
5th Arrondissement,
Paris, France