A Night at the Movies

The Fox Theater in Atlanta, GAIt helps to be a writer if you want a story-book life.

It’s the literary types that are the problem. They are trying to inspire thought, provoke it.

Reality merchants!

They are ruining the cliché by writing, in beautifully constructed metaphors, stories about the unfairness of life.

Story-book lives are not supposed to come with surprise plot twists involving a troubled childhood full of dead people. Not unless it’s part of an inspirational story about overcoming hardship.

The news media learn they’re competing with the internet and introduce fiction via speculation by “experts.”

Something has happened in Paris. We don’t know if it is good, or bad, or if it is important and we can only hope it is not a repeat of recent events. Coming up: a report about how a family is surviving the trauma of the last tragedies there.

Dopamine addicts mainlining from dispensers. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be turned on at the touch of a button and they will vibrate every time a friend thinks of you.

“Coming soon to a life near you. Augmented reality!”

The only logical reason to argue against free-will is to test the logic behind the hypothesis. Then why are they so evangelical about it? If they are right, it wont change anything.

“It’s part of the script.”

“That answers a lot of questions.”

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