Unintended Criticism

He asks me for my opinion on the news. I tell him I misjudged the reaction to the tax increase: It is more unpopular than I thought.

“Speaking of the tax, I read an interesting article about it. The government increased it to meet the their revenue targets. I’ll send you the link.”

I replied that the revenue theory did not make mush sense to me. Climate change was part of the President’s electoral platform. The carbon tax was announced as an incentive to make people use less fuel. Plus the government had announced incentives to help people move to cleaner technologies.

“It is a well written article. They go through all the calculations. I think you will enjoy it.”

“Sure, why not? I know that the government is nickel and diming their way to a healthier budget by reducing incentives, eliminating tax breaks and adding processing fees to services. I don’t mind looking at another point of view even if I don’t see why I should doubt that it is for any other reason than the one announced. If the simple explanation makes sense then there isn’t much point in searching for a complicated one.”

Silence. I think I have discovered that the reasoning in the article is tortured.

“Anyhow, the thing I really can’t stand is when people start attributing malice to every policy and inventing complicated theories to explain how each one lines the pockets of the rich.”

The cognitive dissonance is audible. He shakes it off and asks me if I have any travels planned for the near future.