The Psychologist

DS-21 Sofa designed by Stephan Hürlemann

“One day, I’d like to visit my father’s birthplace, see the grave of my grandfather.”

“You’re obsessed with your roots.”

“No. If I was obsessed I would have gone a long time ago.”

“You’re in denial.”

I stop answering. She has a theory about me and she will reinterpret proofs that contradict it. Make a round hole large enough and the square peg will fit.

“I could be a psychologist.”

I swallow the laugh and check my face to make sure I am not smiling.

“I have been studying. I am really good at it.”

Right! One book, a handful of articles and a lot of gossip. I want to tell her she could easily get a Dunning-Kruger certificate in psychology. I imagine her agreeing, feeling validated.

Thirty seconds of silence.

She starts to tell me about a conversation with a friend about another friend’s husband. He apparently has a problem with successful women.

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