Same Same

Today you can still disappear; It’s the reappearing as someone else that is complicated.

A few hours of existence, a legend for eternity. The man who vanished into thin air with a fortune in a daring irreplicable no-one-was-hurt, except maybe D.B. Cooper himself, crime.

The man who always comes back in popular culture. Which ending will be the most popular?

They are still searching for Amelia Earhart.

The Bat Cave lasted only three years. That’s 27 human years. Young enough and old enough for an unstained legacy.

Plato’s Heraclitus. Even if his paraphrase is incorrect, the idea is interesting. It’s more popular than the original. Easier to understand, no riddles to solve and a tendency to turn on light bulbs when it’s first heard.

It’s the same river even if the water has changed. The change is invisible to the naked concept.