Incentive To Make A Deal

Seth GodinSeth Godin’s advice to professional football is to play-on and it makes a lot of sense.

He starts with the fact that each week that the NFL does not play, is money lost forever and suggests that they play and put all the monies into escrow until the dispute is resolved. Seeing the money pile up would work as an incentive for all parties to find a solution quickly. The alternative is everyone loses: the owners to lose revenue, the players to lose salaries and miss time in their already short careers and the fans to lose their entertainment.

This is not an easy solution to put in place. The logistics of setting up an escrow account, the handling of free agents and other details such as how to compensate players that get injured during this period would need negotiation.

The reasons I think this is a good idea is because the fans that generate the $7.8 billion dollars of revenue that the players and owners are fighting over and the people (concessions stand workers, sports bars…) that earn much smaller amounts of money from the game do not get hurt while they fight over the pieces of the pie.