Thinking About It, Again

It is my favourite recordings of a conversation with the audience. An entusiastic fan, anticipating a direction to Jim Morrison’s mention of astrology, yells out his sign. He agrees that he is a Sagitarius, describes it as the most philosophical of all signs and finishes by denouncing any belief in it. In a wonderful moment of irony, the enthusiastic fan immediately echoes his sentiment.

But, it is what he says afterwards that I am interested in today.

I don’t know what’s going to happen man but I want to have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

I’ve seen his grave. He went up in flames first.

That said, and taking Père Lachaise into consideration, what would a sustainable hedonistic lifestyle require? I think I will try to find some supportable prudes, ones I can talk to without wanting to pullout my hair in rage. Their objections will help me work out the answer.

Where Are They Now?

I contemplate the construction site.  They are laying bricks.

It is time for me to go. I stay, solving puzzles. How are they doing that? What is it going to be? The joy as the pieces snap together. The progress is visible and I vicariously share a feeling of accomplishment.

I watch a clip from Woodstock. I wonder about those with two seconds of fame. Did they vote Trump or do the Women’s March? Are their grandchildren tired of the movie and the stories? Are they alive?

And the Sagittarian?