A Change of Scenery In My Mind’s Day

William HazlittThis is the story of why I do not comment my quotes. Ultimately it is the story of why I like quotes.

The quotes are taken out of context because context can sometimes spoil the quote. The quotes disregard what the author meant (and sometimes I disapprove of the author’s writings!). Without the context, they are a collection of words where the context is created by the thoughts they evoke. It means whatever it means at the time the quote is read.

Some quotes are trite, some quotes are funny, and some quotes are obvious; they all resonate. I do not explain what a quote means to me when I chose it because I believe that the magic of a quote are the thoughts it provokes in the moment.

The naked quotes lead me down new paths of thought. They stimulate my mind. Commenting would attach a context to the quote and take away the pleasure of seeing them again.