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The Price of Being Right

V2 EscalatorOne of my local shopping centres has an escalator in its parking lot that has been out of service for at least 18 months.

At first it was just stopped and people were walking.

A few weeks later, the red and white tape went up. It didn’t last long. With the nearest alternative being a car ramp 5 meters further away from the centre’s doors, this was not a surprise. Someone broke through and people went back to walking the escalator.

The shopping centre then put up some wooden panels with a “sorry for the inconvenience” message. These were easily moved. People would move them out of the way to walk the escalator and the staff would put them back in place every week or so.

All this looked like a normal case of an out-of-order escalator. As the months went by, I expected that the shopping centre would make sure that it was back in working order for the 2012 Christmas shopping season. When the shopping season started and the wooden panel game was still continuing, I thought it might be related to all the shopping centre renovations going on in region.

I knew there was something else going on when the metal guard rails went up. These were later accompanied with lots of “No Pedestrians” signs on the car ramp. This hasn’t stopped the pedestrians because the recommended path is another 30+ meter detour.

The passing time, 18 months and counting, plus the efforts that are going into stopping people from walking the escalator says this is more than a simple case of a broken escalator. My theory is that the shopping centre feels that it is the escalator company’s responsibility to fix the problem under a guarantee of some sort and the escalator company is asking to be paid to repair the escalator because the problem is not covered. Perhaps an insurance company is involved. Both sides are sure they are right and they are not budging.

This is their second Christmas season with the escalator broken. They have spent a lot of time and effort to stop people from using it. Many customers are using the car ramp which upsets the customers and drivers. Those that use the recommended path resent the extra distance. Whether or not the shopping centre is right about who has to pay for the repairs, they have let this escalate into a problem that is damaging their reputation.

This is a good example of the costs of pride and principle and very good reminder to myself that there are times it’s better to be pragmatic than right;

I Know Better

Israel Zangwill“Prejudice is taken to mean an opinion formed without reasoning and maintained in despite of it” — Israel Zangwill, Without Prejudice

Today, I allowed myself to try to use reason against prejudice. Worse, I got upset at the deafness. It was a case of pride versus prejudice. I know better and I know that this person will counter reason by repeating the same prejudice in ever-increasing volumes, yet I persisted. I should have walked away.