Miss.Tic – Power

Street Art, 25 rue des Écoles, Paris, France
Power by Miss.Tic

Miss.Tic is a French street artist, active since 1985, known for her stencils of a dark haired woman associated with poetry. The text translates to: Power doesn’t protect, it protects itself.

December 17, 2020
25 rue des Écoles,
5th Arrondissement,
Paris, France

PBoy – Contemplations of the Red Jester

Street Art, 53 rue de Montmorency, Paris, France
Contemplations of the Red Jester by PBoy.

Pascal Boyart aka PBoy is a Parisian artist. The work is based on Jan Matejko‘s painting Stańczyk with a few modern adaptations and additions.

October 13, 2020
53 rue de Montmorency,
3rd Arrondissement,
Paris, France

Romain Chabin – At the City Buffet

Street Art, 108 rue Brançion, Paris, France

Autour d’un buffet de ville (At the City Buffet) by Romain Chabin.

Romain Chabin, aka Rome, is a Parisian artist who likes to paint urban landscapes. This mural is a commissioned piece done in 2009. Unfortunately the bottom this work has been slashed.

September 23, 2020
108 rue Brançion,
15th Arrondissement,
Paris, France

Arne Quinze – The Beautiful Dreamer

Street Art, 4 ave de la Porte de la Plaine, Paris, France
The Beautiful Dreamer by Arne Quinze.

Arne Quinze is a Belgian artist best known for his unconventional public art installations. Starting out in Brussels as a graffiti artist, he creates large and small sculptures, drawings, and paintings.

September 23, 2020
4 ave de la Porte de la Plaine,
15th Arrondissement,
Paris, France