The Song of the Red Spider Lily

The lyrics are visual.

It may help to know the flower is a red spider lily. The Japanese plant it in graveyards to stop the dead from being eaten – it’s poisonous to rodents.

But that is too simple. Of course it comes with myths.

One says it guides souls to the other side.

Another says it blooms along the path of lovers fated to separate forever.

You might think I’m posting this song because the flower blooms around the autumn equinox. That’s just a coincidence. It’s part of a rebuttal for my friend, the Pink Light Sabre and it’s better as a soundtrack than a sound file. The sword dance even goes with his blog’s moniker.

And while I’m throwing a few facts around, the traditional instrument is a Tsugaru-Shamisen. Japanese folklore tells of a vassal to Lord Tsugaru who was a remarkable swordsman and fought a white serpent-god. Nothing to do with this story (I think) and I’m not going to mention that the instrument obviously comes from Tusgaru, a peninsula in northern Japan.


I know you are now wondering, what would this be like in concert.

OK, I know no such thing. I just like performance a lot and I could not decide which version was more powerful.