Reasons Buy The Numbers

I have three reasons why I sometimes play the lottery.  A prayer, a gamble, and fun.

  1. I hate it when I buy a ticket hoping for the miracle that will solve my financial problems. I usually know what I am up to when I do this and that makes it slightly healthier. I also know that it is a lousy bet and that I would be better off working on solutions than praying for a miracle. I still do it because it calms my mind. I am opening the door for a miracle and can now calmly look at what it would take to stop needing miracles. This only works because I am honest with myself about the reasons I am playing the lottery.
  2. Sometimes I get influenced by the saying “you can only win if you play.” I usually remember that for every winner there are millions of losers contributing to the jackpot. I also know that it is a game of chance and if I play, I could win something.
  3. My favourite reason is when we all talk about a huge jackpot at lunch and go together to buy tickets. It is group fun and it is about doing something with a group of friends.

Regardless of the reason, I am not worried about developing a bad lottery habit. I occasionally buy a single 2€ ticket. This week it was a gamble. The last couple of times it was a prayer. I am happy to be in a healthier frame of mind.