Meaningless Obsession With Site Stats

As the number of visits to my blog continue to climb, I am beginning to watch them more closely. The problem with this is that I am not looking to have a wildly popular blog and, more importantly, most of the hits are meaningless.

Writing regularly is my primary goal for the blog these days. I have a huge amount of content to produce for site that I am helping with and I want to improve my writing and have it require less effort. Writing on this blog regularly, even when it is only a short post, is one of the ways that I am using to get better. This exercise does not require popularity.

My initial, and currently secondary goal, is to write about my ideas and thoughts to make them public. A couple of hits per post is enough for this goal.

A wildly popular blog would be a problem. It would require more effort than I have the time for.  My ego would be flattered. My work and leisure time would suffer.

The real problem with my following the site stats so closely is that most of the visits are meaningless. It started one day in December. A site referred 10+ visitors to my blog. I followed the link and found myself on a fishy looking site that was generating random links to blogs for people to click on. It did not look like a genuine site. This has continued with all sorts of weird sites sending up to 60 people to my blog in a single day. It is not regular and there are days when I only get ‘real’ traffic. Nevertheless, my average daily visits has continued to climb and I watch the numbers closely.

It is time to focus on the goals of the site and to learn to ignore the stats.