How I Found Gratefulness From My Bronchitis

Sometimes I wonder about how my mind wanders;  sometimes I wonder at how my mind wanders.

Yesterday, my doctor tells me that I have bronchitis and it comes from my 35 years of smoking.

Today, I tell a friend about the doctor’s diagnosis:
Friend: “You should quit”
Me: “I’ve tried, It’s difficult. Some say it is harder than quitting heroin.”

After this conversation, I think of my friends that have quit both, and a few have confirmed it. I also know a few who have quit heroin but can’t quit smoking.

I then realize that I know more ex-addicts (and not the white-collar opiate pill popper types) than most of the people I work with.

My next thought is another realization: I made it out – It wasn’t a ghetto; I’m not a millionaire (yet); but I have gone further than the peers I grew up with.

I appreciated the path that I have traveled and felt grateful for the opportunities I have.

Today’s problems look so much smaller now. 🙂