Get Advice From A Stranger

The best way to find creative solutions to your problems is to get advice from someone that is distant from you. This is advice I am going to find hard to follow.

A set of studies by Evan Polman and Kyle J. Emich shows that people are more creative when working on a problem for someone else and the bigger the psychological distance, the better they are at solving the problem. In other words, the less they care about you and your problems, the more likely they are to come up with a good solution.

This makes getting advice from strangers on the internet a good choice. Who would’ve thought? Looking for a new take on things? Post a question in forum.
Obviously this doesn’t mean blindly following all the advice.

I am used to talking out some of my problems with my friends. I am not so sure I can always do this. My biggest problems are personal and it is difficult to talk about them, period.