Lost in the Dream

The damaged edge of a test acetate discI go to bed hoping for a repeat. I want to fill in the blanks, bring the details back to the waking world. I am hopeful, last time I remember thinking I have had this dream before.

A dream about a legendary song. Unknown and from an unknown group. Only a single copy of an acetate exists. And it is my duty to get the song heard.

A dream that became suddenly lucid. I find myself trying to memorize the name of the song. Repeating the title over and over. I ne-e-e-eed to remember the name of the song when I wake up.

A dream where I start to examine my dream-state. And I forget the name of the song. I know it starts with a ‘C.’ It is an unusual name for a song. There is a story to be told. I should wake up and write it down before I forget even more. I don’t.

I flip myself on to my left-side. I heard that people have more disturbing dreams when they sleep on their left-side. Maybe that will bring back the dream. Then I can bring the dream back.