Quote of the Day

“Inspiration and growth only come from adversity and from challenge — from stepping away from what’s comfortable and familiar and stepping out into the unknown.” — Ben SaundersWhy bother leaving the house?

A Daring Song

After listening to C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang I wanted to know more about Jane Vain and The Dark Matter and I looked them up on Wikipedia. The article on the group describes their music as pop-noir and this is one of those rare times where an invented genre makes sense to me. The song uses dares in a suicidal incitation to murder.

“They all look so cool I can hardly tell them apart.”
A dare to be different.

“because tonight our heads are going to rock and roll”
A dare to get real.

“Let’s stay up all night and figure, whose guns are bigger.”
A dare to take part in a pissing contest.

“You can put yours right between my eyes honey, if you promise to pull the trigger.”
A dare to go all the way.

“It was a glitter glamourama party of lies but all that human drama, well it was burning my eyes”
The pain of the fakery.

“and the reflections from their diamond encrusted gold-plated guns enhanced the greens and the blues in their peacock feathers.”
Because it is only for show.

Pop, that’s the tune; Noir is the challenge to “Say Bang Bang” because the only way for the fake to get real is to dare someone else to pull the trigger.