A Green Version When You Are Green By Nature?

I bought a pack of wooden matches today with an interesting design on the box. I looked at it closer and to my surprise, it told me I had bought green matches. These are biodegradable matches and they are making a big deal about it!

To the best of my knowledge, all wooden matches are by nature biodegradable. There is nothing special about a biodegradable wooden match and if there is, you need to educate me in why.

This isn’t the first time I have across this type of marketing. Presenting a green version of a product that I assume is green by nature makes me think that you consider your customers fools. The result is that I have a very low opinion of the marketing department and of the management of the company producing the matches. In my opinion, it is trying to mindlessly exploit a trend.

Do yourself a favor, do not leave me with the feeling that you are taking me for a fool. I will stay away from all of your products and make fun of you to all my friends.

The smarter options would be to explain why this product is greener than the competition OR why matches are greener than disposable lighters.