You Don’t Respect Me!

The other day, I saw this video show up in my Facebook feed:

I loved the animation. The ideas were not new to me and still watched it to the end.

Earlier in the day, I had spent some time working on increasing my revenues and I asked myself, what is motivating me to ask for more money. My answer: “I’m not paid enough for the work I do.”

Enjoying the company of my conversation partner, I kept it going: “Why is that important? Competition?”

“I am comparing myself to my peers, but I not trying to get more than them, so I don’t think it’s competition.”

I thought that this sounded like jealousy and ruled this out because it I was only using my peers’ earnings as benchmark. I am not trying to get as much as the highest earner, or the second highest. The emotion was simpler, I want to get paid as much as my peers.

I want to get paid fairly for my work and my definition of fairly is my perception of the average earnings of my peers. If I am not keeping up with the Joneses then you think less of me than you do the Joneses. I would feel dissed. I am presuming that because you use bonuses as a motivator, you use money as a yardstick. If you don’t pay me as much as my peers then you don’t respect me as much as you do them.

The conclusion from this little voyage of self-evaluation: Not only does money not work as a motivator, if you are using it as such, people will expect and claim their fair share of the pie.