Quote of the Day

George Bernard Shaw“Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.”– George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman


What Are You Sorry About?

A pet peeve of mine is when people say they are sorry for things they have no control over. I will gladly accept your apologies if you messed-up but please do not apologize for things that are out of your control or I will accuse you of having extra-ordinary powers.

Sorry about a bad phone connection? What are you apologizing for? Did you sabotage the lines?

Sorry because you couldn’t get an answer from someone who lost their home when a tornado blew through town? The tornado was in the news and I really don’t think you were responsible for it.

Apologizing for things you are not responsible for takes away from the impact of apologies for real mistakes and it puts me in position of having to respond to the apology. I will not accept the apology, I will not say “It’s nothing” and I will not acknowledge the apology. If you are a friend, I will give you a polite version of this rant. If you repeat the mistake, I will mention it is a pet peeve. If you persist, I will ask you to apologize for the apology.

This Is More Than Just The Facts

Writing for the blog is getting easier. I now want the writing to get better.

I am used to business writing. I spend most of my day doing email, preparing slide shows and writing project documentation. I do this well.

Business correspondence is avoiding story telling and it is not conversational. It is stating facts, asking questions and confirming commitments. Short crisp sentences, often in the form of bullet points, is good writing. Ambiguity, long reads, words requiring a dictionary to understand are the enemies of corporate communication. It is all tell and if you want to show something, it needs to be a graphic in a presentation.

The blogs I like are fun to read. They tell stories and have humour. They are conversational and personal.

My almost daily posting is starting to pay off. It takes me less time to write a post.

I am now working on making the posts more enjoyable to read.