Quote of the Day

Oscar Wilde“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”– Oscar Wilde


One of My Practices Now Has A Name

Seth Godin describes one of my practices with the phrase “share your confusions.”

I like to find people to talk over problems that I am struggling to understand. This helps me in three ways:

  1. Describing the source of my confusion forces me to clarify my thoughts.
  2. Answering clarification questions sheds more light on what the problem is.
  3. The suggested solutions tell me a lot about what the problem really is.

Talking to someone about a problem I cannot wrap my head around is the best way for me to work out the solution and the solutions are usually better than for the problems I understand immediately.

Everyday Is The Same, Everyday Is Different

There is a wonderful cartoon show here in France. It is called Martin Matin (Martin Morning). It is about a kid, Martin, that transforms into a new character everyday. One day he is a caveman, the next a spy and so on.

The tag line for the show is “everyday it’s the same thing” because everyday Martin is completely different.