Nostalgia Fueled Jealousy

A picture of Le Mans' city walls.

I miss them. Sometimes more than others. Sometimes to the point that I write about it.

It has been 9 months without. It was 45 years with.

I was expecting it to be easier by now. I’ve heard that you never really stop missing them but that you slowly get used to missing them. A new normal. … Not yet.

In February, during a ‘more’ period, I made the mistake of compensating with food. After a week, shirts were tight, trousers were losing buttons and some outfits were staying in the closet. Sparkling water compensated for the compensation. (The word to describe this, as tired as it may be, has been stolen by a tech giant. I have extended my partial boycott of their products to the word. A delightfully irrational reaction.)

A couple of weeks ago, I am seated feeling bloated. I scold myself. My tailored shirts are still tight.

I switch to self-medicating with recreational cannabis which I mix with CBD so that I can tell myself it is under control, so that I am not becoming one with the couch, so that I can feel less of a stoner.

A difficult morning but it is too early for self-medication. I remind myself how hard it has been to get here. I do not want to go through it again. I get into the pep-talk to myself. I almost forget I want to smoke a cigarette.

The song has picked up another level of meaning:

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia Fueled Jealousy”

  1. Congratulations on your 9 months (extra self-medication not withstanding 😉 ) Keep it up! I know it’s hard.
    I’ve been without for 25 years now. During our honeymoon, my hubby decided to start again. I tried one. Thought I would puke (thankfully!!) I recently tried clove cigarettes (sort of fall in the cigarillo category) and am rather glad that they did not unleash a desire to start puffing again. Got a helluva buzz, tell you what! But that taste in my mouth? Nope.
    So, again, congrats on your achievement so far!

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