Doing It

1950s Chevy pickup, 33 rue Thiers, Avignon, France

I take a picture to make sure that I do not confuse my memories with my imagination. An American 1950’s pickup truck with a California licence plate in the middle of Avignon’s theatre district is surreal enough to be a scene from some art house movie. It reminds me of American Graffiti.

I change my mind. It is a trophy photo. Proof of what I found while I was there.

I’m on my way to see a play and I realize it is cliché. Been there, done that. Avignon is known for two things: its 14th century popes and its arts festival. Then again, if it wasn’t for the oversized theatre scene, chances are that I would have found something else to do.

The title, Elvis’ Kitchen, caught my attention. The blurb advertising sex, food and happiness decided me. Sex sells.

I decide to rebrand my adventure to Went there, did that.

I am still wondering if the truck belongs to a famous actor, or maybe a rock star. I could probably scan the internet to find out if one has been spotted in town. Who else would ship a vintage truck to Europe?

I throw out the star theory. The pickup is missing a paint job and there are signs of recent restoration work. There is a story behind the truck. A story that will probably be told on a motor-themed cable channel.

The theater looks closed but there are other people waiting. One is on the phone. I read the poster.

“Are you waiting for the play?”


“I just called, tonight’s performance is cancelled.”

“Thank you.”

I spend my evening in a taqueria. It’s the first authentic one I’ve seen in France. I feel the effect of the beers when I stand up to go.

“What did you do this weekend?”

4 thoughts on “Doing It”

  1. There definitely has to be a story behind that truck. Bummer the play was cancelled but hey, in exchange, you found a taqueria auténtica!

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