Intelligent Multitudes

Rabbit coming out of hat.

I once heard someone describe Don Henley as “a complex set of guys.” I was immediately jealous. It’s a description that I would like to hear of me. It is something you would say to excuse being friends with a difficult personality. It is the type of excuse I provide when a stranger starts thinking too well of me.

My line is “I’m a selfish asshole with a nice smile.” Flash a nice smile and they don’t believe me. Later I tell them “you were warned.” I could tell them to ask my exes to counter their disbelief but that would be too nice of me.

All that advertising about the little I care about my reputation and yet I leave the seat up in high traffic toilets so that the next person knows that any drops on the seat are not mine. It is like the smile, it avoids disqualification.

A friend once noticed another message in my disclaimer. She thought I was trying to say I liked self-flagellation. I confessed to enjoying the role of the martyr but that is only one of my characteristics. I think it is the smile that fooled her.

People don’t like dissonance but coat it with F. Scott or Whitman or a smile and all of sudden it is sweet.

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