Procrastination Complicated

Paris July 2009

Is it or isn’t it procrastination? Is it one disguised as the other? And which do I want it to be?

So many questions.

I can recognize the symptoms: the obviously avoiding things that need to be done by doing something else. But these are somethings that need to be done with a degree of urgency and another of importance.

Moving into a new apartment creates many tasks that normally would be done in procrastination. The new sheets need to be washed if I don’t want to sleep on a naked mattress. And the laundry needs to be started early enough so that the bedding is dry in time. This classic procrastination is, this time, not a procrastination. It is a look at the clock that gets the load into the machine.

I have a lot of experience in the procrastination game. I have my techniques to avoid the procrastination. I have techniques to avoid the techniques to avoid procrastination. I have techniques … I usually know which role I am playing in the game (being present is a recognized technique for combating procrastination).

Now I am confused. House cleaning, laundry, organising drawers: These are classic procrastination activities which my claims of experience do not allow me to even use as procrastination devices and they fill my to do list.

My weekly prose post is late.

8 thoughts on “Procrastination Complicated”

  1. New apartment? If that’s for reals I hope it’s good, that’s exciting. Don’t put off what you can procrastinate today.

  2. I am the Queen of procrastination. Things get done when I absolutely have no choice.
    And I see that, as if moving is not enough, this is only temporary and you have to do it all again? Misère…

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