Nothing Left to Hide

Jungle Blue Morning Twilight, High Desert, California

I sit, look out the window. Trees, still green, with clouds floating by. I’d like sun. It would be more mood appropriate.

I keep on expecting her to walk in the door and give a long goodbye speech. Like the villain wasting the opportunity to end the world because he has tell the hero why he is doing it. I ain’t no hero.

I should have been the one to leave. Pack my suitcases, put the keys on the table and walk out the door. A ride off into the sunset. So much simpler.

Instead, now I have to deal with breaking the lease, cancelling services and all the other details. The cost of procrastination, a soap opera instead of a movie ending.

11 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Hide”

      1. What surprises me each time (and it’s often) is that my mind thinks the fingers are keeping up until it sees the proof to the contrary.

  1. I was late to read this one and the first thing in my brain as I read was the long long ago film Black Orpheus and it’s ending when the kids pick up his guitar to play and sing so the sun will come up. if only life were so simple!

  2. We often, get trapped, in the beliefs of whoever leaves first, wins, when in reality, there are, no winners, only, losers, it’s just, who is, willing to admit, that one has, lost, first…

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