The Floating Man

Street Art, 93 rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd Arrondissement, Paris, France

I’m floating in the sky. What a weird place to become conscious of my dream.

Weird is weird. It is another exception to rule of i before e except after c. Is this lucid dreaming? Are these weird thoughts the fabric of my dreams?

What does this floating mean? Knowing about Ibn Sina‘s thought experiment means that it isn’t that.

Maybe it is the strange bed that has brought this on. Usually I sleep poorly in hotels. Then again, I usually sleep well near the sea.

I can now feel a wind. In fact, it this feels more like free falling than floating. Skydiving is still on my bucket list despite having the nude version as hobby on my dating profile.

The suite on the 63rd floor was bad luck gone good. They’d lost my reservation–their system had just been hacked. Luckily I had a paper print out and they’d had a last minute cancellation.

The wind is picking up speed and I can now hear the ocean. Am I really dreaming? I open my eyes. So much for the lucid dreaming. It’s just the leftovers and it will be forgotten in a minute (two if I make an effort to remember it).

It is a cloudless, moonless night. The light from a passing hotel room disturbs my stargazing.

Whose room had I gotten? Had he found out about the plan to throw him out the window?

Post hoc musical selection:

8 thoughts on “The Floating Man”

  1. Besides including my favourite Tom Petty song (Actually was my late friend and late husband’s – they would sing this together when they were three sheets to the wind. I figure he’s playing for them now. Brings me smiles every time.)
    Love this story.

    1. It’s always a joy to put a smile on someone’s face so I am glad I got lucky with the song. And your reaction to the story has put a smile on my face.

      I have blurb-like pun stuck in my head about it and you are one of the few that I know that can understand it so I will share it to get it out of my head. “Une histoire avec une bonne chute.” 🙂

  2. I like the imagery a lot here. The combo of the wind and the night and being by the sea, all feels very real and visceral. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You can hear the sea on the 63st floor??

    I used to get a cute Angina on the fourth floor and that was enough for me. Gotta love Italian girls who cook!

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