Cryptic Musings

Street Art, 10 rue Barbès, Montreuil, France

It was released in the middle of second Rosefield’s second term and Gatewood is the least likable character. 62 million would call it communist propaganda while the targets of their hate would bemoan the racism and the animal cruelty. The rest of the world sees it all as the national stereotype.

Soon afterwards there would start six years of violence that make the last ten weeks feel like a row on the lake. The bill collector is going to come a knocking asking people to pay for the life-vests they used and they will complain that he isn’t giving away rowboats.

I wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is a foot in the bowl at the beginning. I was expecting more bananas.

That period is a reminder that it could be worse and that sometimes things take time. After skipping a few generations, walking both ways uphill in the snow will make a comeback.

Cryptically avoiding confrontation, not daring to touch my two leftover hits until I am comfortable with where my mind would take me, I let it wander. Hope stays inside, she isn’t an optimist, yet she cannot exist without uncertainty.

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