The Panel

Wooden Chairs

I: Our panel for today is Me, Myself and I. Me will be presenting the premises, Myself the counter-points and, I, as well as moderating, will also present background and commentary.

Me: Here is my first premise: This is ridiculous. Do you take yourself for Plato and Socrates all rolled up into one.

Myself: Plato isn’t the only person to have used the dialogue. Things aren’t black or white. More voices gives room to explore the shades of grey. It is handy tool for presenting a nuanced view.

Me: Lazy!

Myself: One voice is lazy!

I: I am not happy with my attempts at essays. I really dislike simplified generalizations, and the application of heuristics to the particular. This is the problem we are trying to tackle.

Me: For example?

Myself: It is tempting to turn this into comedy, a pale imitation of Who’s on First?: “I am the one who is supposed to ask the questions.”“Don’t speak for me!”“I think he is speaking to you.”“No, for myself.”

Me: You forgot: “Let me explain myself.”

Myself: Ha!

I: An example? Free will. I am fairly certain I have said it before. I don’t think it exists but you still have to act as if your choices are choices. You can’t abdicate. To requote, because I have used it before, Rush, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” You don’t have a choice but to choose.

Me: Now Zeno too. That’s one big ego.

Myself: We are a trinity.

I: And that’s our discussion for today. More questions without answers, answers that are right until they’re wrong, additions to the infinite set of paradoxes. Until next time, this was Me, Myself and I.

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