Well Earned Reputation

A box of assorted doughnuts from Duck Donuts

I wish Mercedes drivers would stop double parking in busy thoroughfares. It gives a bad name to the rich.

I see a Bentley parked on the corner, one end on each crosswalk. My aphorism isn’t inclusive enough.

I don’t like the status quo and I don’t like the alternatives being proposed.

The behaviour of drivers of ostentatious cars feeds revolutionary slogan makers. Mutual disrespect.

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte was the first President of France before becoming the last French monarch.

History is full of precedents that took time to unwind. There were 1502 years between the start of Caesar‘s dictatorship and the fall of Constantinople.

Hazard lights are not a license to park illegally. An idea so ignored that pointing it out will draw an angry reaction. As-if you were denying them their rights.

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