Wise Words Being Brought to Blinded Eyes Will Seem as Things of Nought

Public Art, rue André-Le-Nôtre, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

I was having a conversation with myself about anthropomorphization. Bragging (I try to make sure the audience agrees that it’s an accomplishment) that I use it intelligently, that I know to use it metaphorically, as a way to simplify communication.

I imagine adding an object to the conversation. There’s irony in the situation and the potential for one or more jokes.

But I am not one to speak to skulls.

Though I did use to talk to the dog.

She still haunts the apartment. I expect to see her silly tail wagging smile when I come home. I have to remind myself to pick up food that falls to the floor and I go to bed thinking I have forgotten the evening walk.

The conversations never lasted long. Not because they were one way but because she would sit, tilt her head, and try to understand what I was going on about. I would apologize for confusing her and stop. It was obvious I was talking to myself.

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