Control’s Security Blanket

The Duck Who Came In From The Cold

He says the spell check will save you from having to go to Google. He manages to imply that searching for a correct spelling is embarrassing, a judgement on his education.

Big Brother is Watching You! It’s not a warning, it’s a point of pride. Machine learning an accomplishment. It even shows off, arrogantly showing what it thinks you want to see, assuming a misspelling, frustrating searches for little known artists using stylized spellings in their stage names.

Spell check is more discreet, gentler, and less judgemental. It comes to you, quietly points out words it is not sure about, and allows you to tell it it was wrong.

I did judge him. He’s quick to anthropomorphize and is insecure about his education. He is willing to forgo searching to avoid displaying his ignorance. You cannot go to class if you’re not willing to be seen entering the building.

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