Expectations Exceeded

Psychedelic Car Lights

I like Miles. I saw him play the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1991. And I had never heard a piece that I wanted to own.

I don’t know to whom I should tip my hat. I know where in social media it was shared. I just don’t know who did the sharing.

It might have been my mood. Another song by another jazz great had caught my attention. I also listened to that one twice. Maybe the next time it shows up in one of my feeds I will add it to my playlist.

I listen to it again, beat style, in a coffee shop, after tea. Miles haunts the funky bass line. Throw in a sitar, a panoply of other instruments. I’m tripping along to the beat.

I probably have heard it before. It must be the mood. It’s now on my playlist.

3 thoughts on “Expectations Exceeded”

  1. For me …. it’s a night at a jazz club – a place with a dark, mysterious, yet lively feel. Actions vary in the crowd – innocent and not so – yes, a feel with a story.

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