Promised: An Experience

Psychedelic Car Lights

It was the negative comments that made him want to try it. The users were complaining that the Nuf had worked though they weren’t using those words.

Nuf: Known as the 21st century LSD. It was created in a laboratory in Arizona and mass produced somewhere in Southern China.

The warnings were clear:

Not for the mentally fragile; inexperienced users should start with small doses; to be taken when comfortably installed, for example, on a couch. It is strongly recommended that the user empty their bladder before starting the experience.

The effects create the sensation of an out-of-body experience while actual movement is almost impossible during the 12 to 24 hours of the trip.

The negative comments came from the users who ignored the warnings: taking large doses for their first experience or trying to use it as a party drug.

Reading the user comments he realized that the description was misleading. The so called out-of-body experience was really more like lucid dreaming. You thought you were moving around, doing things in a surreal world when in fact you were frozen in place. He also read that it explained the empty-bladder suggestion. Only the physically getting up part of going to the bathroom was a hallucination.

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