Lament For My Plus

GPlus visits Funeral Home

I will lament the demise of Google Plus. I am part of the ten percent of Google Plus users that spent more than a few seconds per visit. I will celebrate the time I can reclaim.

Google Plus is the place where I share and talk about music, the place where I discover music new and old, the place where I hear music I have forgotten.

Google Plus is the a place where I made a number of online friends. More than on any other social network. It is a platform that suited me. Somewhere between Facebook and Twitter. Less intrusive than the former, more personal than the latter.

When I heard the news that the public version was closing my reaction was “where do I move my Google Plus activity to?” I thought about the options, the ability to recreate the experience but, after ruminating over the options, I realized that I do not want to rebuild. The cost in time is high. Too high.

I have been looking for a way to reclaim some time from my schedule. I find it difficult to choose an activity to drop. Google has made the choice for me.

Some of the time will end up going into the other platforms where I am present. Why? Because with my lifestyle, if I am not active socially online, there are periods when I would have very little social activity.

Why don’t I change my lifestyle? That’s a long story with good and bad reasons. I tell myself that there are enough good reasons to justify my choices. And now, maybe, I’ll question those choices.


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