Not Quite the South

Street art, 11 Rue Lepic, Paris, France

A coffee shop in Southern France. There is a sign advertising that the muffins are made in store. And there are two plastic container trays with muffins in them. I silently accuse the owners of false advertising.

I take my coffee and find a seat. I can see the baking area. There are muffins under the oven.  I was quick to judge. The trays were used to store the muffins. It is early in the morning and any muffins for sale now would have been baked yesterday. I am unhappy with my cynicism, the lack of generosity in my thoughts.

Is draining the platform the social media equivalent of draining the swamp? The science needs to move from exploitation to service. A change in the objectives, in what gets measured. All the wonderful mission statements are secondary if everyone is measuring the advertising dollars.

Murky. The whole thing is murky. Incomplete ideas, principles banging up against unknowns. How does it all fit together.

The sprout has moved into her own place. She has a roommate, older, already experienced in living alone. It reassures me that she will have a mentor for life away from home.

Regardless of my wish to appear atypical, the un-helicopter parent talking  and treating her like an adult. My thinking she is not ready is oh-so typical.

Part of it feels like a failure to get her ready. Her bad habits, the lack of cleanliness.

I blame her mother and remember that her brother of another mother is at 32 still getting his act together.

I assign genetic origins to her character traits. Messiness is from her mother. Procrastination from her father.

My anxiety has me in a negative mind frame. I force myself to go positive.

She is good at making and executing a plan — like her sister.

3 thoughts on “Not Quite the South”

  1. Best wishes to your “sprout” as they start a new adventure and to you as you go through the process of letting go. Why does time pass so quickly!?
    I am not ready for the empty nest yet! I have 2 years and that doesn’t seem very long.

    1. Thank you. And I can confirm two years is not very long. The last year goes by quickest with lots of planning, applications, paper work etc and the rush all finishes with the question “when are you coming home for a visit?”

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