New York - Times Square - July 1977

Strong winds separating the branches from their trees. My haircut is less than a week old, dishevelproof. No snow, nor rain. A lighthearted day.

I go to my favourite coffee shop for lunch. The barista is not wearing a name-tag. I wont be able to thank her personally.

I pay for my sandwich, the coffee is on the house.

I speak to Future Mother. Everything is going well with the bump.

She’s talking about maybe having a destination wedding. They will decide after they find a house and that is proving to be difficult (will I need to get a hotel room for my visit?). They keep on getting outbid. But they are sticking to their budget and she is being careful not to get attached to the homes she likes. I reassure her. “Taking my time to find the right place at the right price has always worked out well for me.” I launch into a brief history of the places I’ve lived in.

I book my flight. It stops in Amsterdam. I’ll have the time to stop at a coffeeshop to get sleep insurance for the flight. I might also meetup with the Contrarian.

3 thoughts on “Destinations”

  1. Nice piece, “boss.” Bidding you adieu as we depart the mainland here and fly over the pole shortly. To the new year…cheers. Bill

      1. Cheers mister. It’s going quite well. Loving this “Moxy Hotel” concept. Seems to be mainly about the drinking.

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