Legendary Myth

New York - Times Square - July 1977

The label legendary musician requires some sort of fame.

I find a site with a Hofmann’s Children bootleg. The site opens on an explanation on Recordings of Independent Origin. This, the sober layout, and the lack of advertising tells me I am on music lover’s site. My computer feels safe here.

I start reading the list of the latest additions. A recording catches my eye. “Careful.” This field is full of rabbit holes. I will myself to go straight to the  Tabula Rasa: Unreleased Demos page.

A couple of instrumentals (date unknown: 1965?), blues covers, alternate takes from their eponymous album and ‘bonus’ track with a mystery vocalist.

I hope this is a good album, that it is more than a collection of low-quality versions.

Why am I preparing myself for disappointment with the music? Dusting off all my whips? Why make it into something complicated? Keep it simple, enjoy discovering more of my band of the moment. If it’s crap, so what. It’s free. If it’s good, then I have some tunes to freshen my playlist. And if someone comments on it, I can tell them the story of the mythical Rob Goodroll.

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