Anthony’s Navel: Chauncy Gardiner on The Fountainhead

Months ago Bill asked if I wanted to submit a post for his “Anthony’s Navel” series. Why I said yes is in his introduction and why it took so long is part of the piece.

Bill Pearse

This past spring I hosted a guest blog series called Anthony’s Navel, featuring stories about favorite books, films and music by friends and fellow writers. Chauncy just finished his piece (better late than never!), which I’m proud to feature today: it also makes me nostalgic for the one-time meeting we had in Amsterdam two years ago, the first blog-friend I met in real life. Enjoy his story, and check out his blog here.

Fountain Bled
by Chauncy Gardiner

Ask me for my favourite anything and I’ll give you the favourite child answer. Ask me for a list of movies, books or albums that have influenced me and I answer in the singular, the movie The Fountainhead.

I’ve tried many times to write about it.

The facts are simple: I was thirteen, it was the Saturday Midnight movie and I immediately adopted the iconoclastic Howard Roark as a…

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