Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

The Clockwork SmileyMonday, at home after a day of doing nothing. My playlist queues up David Bowie‘s Girl Loves Me. I’m rocking to the refrain “Where the fuck did Monday go?” It fits my mood.

As the song comes to a close, I smile at the joke that sharing it on the Tuesday morning would make.

Then I have doubts about the rest of the lyrics.

They did not register and I wonder if they say something that would neutralize the humour.

I am glad that I have looked up the lyrics. The joke works and I can see why I had missed much of them. The majority are either in Nadsat or Polari.

In these internet days, the teenager slang from A Clockwork Orange and the 70’s cant slang are quickly translated. I learn what Bowie is singing.

I remember the drawing, from an earlier day of doing nothing, on my office whiteboard. I christen it The Clockwork Smiley.


“Girl so sound, so pretty up this boy, say
Party up man, no drugs round on Tuesday
Great pussy making all the men mad – Thursday
Police blind to the money in the hole by Friday
Where the fuck did Monday go?
I’m cold to this police and K9 show
I’m sittin’ in the chestnut tree
Who the fuck’s gonna mess with me?
Girl loves me
(Hey, woman)
You look at the woman
Wonderful with the red mouth
Making love face-obsessed
Young woman watch her testicles
To sleep at the cop-shop
Split an old man from his money, money
Look, look at the woman.”


3 thoughts on “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”

  1. That’s interesting about those lyrics. I just, finally, started listening to that record in the last week or so. Can’t believe how good it is. Not just saying that. Like letting it wash over me, haven’t gotten to the lyrics quite yet, not from that song. It’s its own mini-weird world there, the Fibonacci sequence of spirals and so forth.

    1. It took me while to get around to it also. Partly because of the way it was being talked about and weight it was being given. The title didn’t help – I did not wan’r to listen to something that would end up leaving me depressed. When I finally listened to a few tracks, I got into it. The music is really rich and there are layers. I like your description ‘Fibonacci sequence of spirals’ – fitting;

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