The Linkhorns Voted

Do protest songs change anything? Probably not. Like an inspirational gospel tune they invigorate the  faithful.

Sun Kil Moon. I knew the name, their music less — until recently.

There is an art to the perfect mix-tape. It needs a theme, preferably something with a little subtlety (90 minutes of sappy love songs may work for some but we’re talking about an artful mix). And like in a club, one song has to flow into the next. And then there is the timing. Each side needs to be as full as possible so that you can flip the cassette without needing to push fast-forward.

The digital mix is even harder. How many songs? Do they flow in shuffle mode? It’s easier to work with constraints.

I’ve been practicing, exchanging mixes with a friend. His always have one song with Mark Kozelek but never with the same band.

I hear a song on a podcast. I like it. A lot. I learn it is part of 30 days, 30 songs. I visit the site looking for more pearls. It’s a fruitful dive. Oyster #17 paid off the effort. A collaboration, Jesu and Sun Kil Moon.

A dream with appearances by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Lou’s Berlin is referenced. The style reminds me of John Cale‘s reading of Lou’s story The Gift.


One thought on “The Linkhorns Voted”

  1. He’s kooky. The Kozelek thing is a rabbit hole. I can appreciate, like in a BIG way, what he’s doing and has done for years now. I think he’s starting to drift out though in this layer of exploration (like, reel it in some or take a break maybe). And he was a freaking no show for the live performance we were planning to see here in Seattle last weekend. Dick. Glad though you’re liking that. I think Universal Themes as a record is the one to really spend some time with.

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