This version is well-known. Because it was copied, not covered.

I am biased towards original versions so ignore my liking it better. Two electrified folk guitars, a bass. No drums, no bow, no theatrics. It’s the opposite of the big heavy sound of Led Zeppelin’s version yet it’s not that different.

It starts gently. The rhythm gets more intense, angry. Then the lead builds up the intensity leading to an anguish filled climax. It’s dark and beautifully simple.


4 thoughts on “Confused?”

  1. Yes, I am confused, because I thought Zeppelin copied all their early stuff from black blues guys, and this guy is white, and I’ve never heard of him or his above ground sound. Are we sure he’s not copying from black blues guys too? I ask only as a lover of Zeppelin, and the black blues guys they copied, who I also love.

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