90s nostalgia: Chauncy Gardiner | ‘Threading Through Time’

I have followed the pinklightsabre for a few years. A true wordsmith with a strong connection to music, I litterally like almost everything he writes. With that, I could not resist his call for 90’s nostalgia especially with the Nirvana link.

Bill Pearse

We’re winding down the pieces I’m featuring for a 90s nostalgia theme, brought on by the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s breakthrough release Nevermind.

Today’s featured writer is Chauncy Gardiner, whose blog I’ve been following for a few years, with daily excerpts from Chauncy’s stories set in Europe, thought-provoking quotes, and images from urban art he’s captured around Paris. Enjoy his piece; the series ends this Saturday.

Threading Through Time,
by Chauncy Gardiner

My CD era started when my first marriage ended. I bought a boombox with CD player and she kept the hi-fi system with turntable.

Splitting the music collection was easy. The only overlap we had was U2. I was an early fan and my ex a more recent fan. She kept the albums and I made cassette copies that are still in a carton.

When I first moved into my new apartment the CD rack looked…

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3 thoughts on “90s nostalgia: Chauncy Gardiner | ‘Threading Through Time’”

  1. Ha! So glad it was irresistible and you jumped in Chauncy, thanks for the kind words and sharing yours, and your cool story with us. Bill

    1. I’m getting a lot of ‘ha’ out of you recently 🙂

      I’m still working out how to get Weltschmerz into a comment but every time I think about it, it doesn’t seem appropriate.

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