Random Rominations

Coloseum and Palantine Hill, RomeI have a vacation hangover. Two jammed packed days, it feels like I was away for week. The shining sun adds to the pain of having to go to work.

The first evening, we got friendly with an Angeleno couple. The daughter picks up a few tips for her cruise. The dentist asks me if I still work. The scale tips, that’s the second time ever I’ve heard the question versus one recent time where a guy in his early 40’s thought we were the same age.

On day two, they bring along a selfie stick. I moan, groan and do my grumpy old man routine. I don’t really have a good reason to dislike them other than it’s such a touristy thing to do and that it’s a clever extension of this young people’s selfie habit. We take group pictures.

At the airport, looking through the pictures. I’m hoping to find one to crop into a head shot. My profile pictures are out of date. I take a lot of selfies but they look like selfies.

My hairdresser asks me what’s up. I tell her I just got back from Rome yesterday evening. Newsy once told me I look younger after a haircut.

I want more intense trips to new places. I remember Kerouac said as a writer he needed new experiences. If I add new experiences maybe I can be writer.

Daughter’s hotel shares the building with the Quebec delegation to Italy. I like the boyfriend, he’s a nice guy. The vintage Nordiques cap probably biased my opinion.

It takes me a few tries to write the email telling daughter that. I don’t want it to sound like I judged him. I trust her choices but I’m worried that if I say nothing, she would worry what my saying nothing means.

We followed the signs to the Vatican. They took us the long way there. Not enough time left to visit the Dome. Daughter is concerned boyfriend is disappointed.

I wonder if he is Catholic but don’t ask. Her brother once told me she had converted but she has never spoken to me about it. Her comments about the Church make me think it was just a phase. Even in families (especially in families), it’s not a good idea to talk religion or politics.

I flew to Rome on 9/11 reading Bleeding Edge. I need to finish it to find out what the level of irony is.

I think I’ll abandon my map of Rome in Paris.


2 thoughts on “Random Rominations”

  1. For me, your writing seems to be getting clearer, easier to follow, less ambiguous. (I make that mistake myself in my writing sometimes with the ambiguity but here, the voice is clearer and it’s more direct somehow.) It sounds like a good time: and yes, I think Kerouac was right about that. You kind of just have to keep doing it, and you are.

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