A Ten Euro Cure for Aggravation

Traffic ConeMy proboscis is in its place; my face is happy. I did the shouldn’t-have-to.

The parking is at the foot of the building.

The lines are painted yellow — the colour for reserved parking.

There are spots with steel obstacles. Others are marked PRIVATE in big white letters.

I tell the driver they are parked in my spot. They looked surprised. I point out the painted message. They excuse themselves for not having seen it. I pretend to believe them (once I forgot to pretend and a few weeks later my car had key scars).

I go to the local home improvement store and spend ten euros. Now, instead of getting aggravated every time there is a squatter, I am aggravated because I shouldn’t need a traffic cone to make sure I can use my parking spot.

I rant about it here, the aggravation passes.


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