Quote of the Day

No man's a failure till he's dead or loses his courage, and that's the same thing.

“No man’s a failure till he’s dead or loses his courage, and that’s the same thing.” — George Horace LorimerOld Gorgon Graham: More Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. I can relate to this, and while it may feel ‘restorative’ or satisfying in some obscure soul-sense, it still really sucks to die, to have the sensation of being alive as you’re failing/dying and watching it happen as dreams sometimes feel. Feels good to be on the other side, for me.
    Planning a trip to Berlin next weekend, a long weekend. Some bad weather and moody temperaments, perhaps some art without quotes around it. Hope you’re well, Bill

    1. I’m doing well. A little jealous now. Berlin is on my bucket list. I think my parents took me there when I was really young and I can barely remember the details of the story never mind the actual visit.

      I don’t normally call my wish list a bucket list but the talk of death makes it somehow appropriate. Your words helped me crystalize some thoughts. It sucks to die or to start regretting stuff before you’re dead. It’s only the living that care. A little cold perhaps but I find that a reassuring and inspiring thought.

      I’m guessing there’s some relief to be back at your “home away from home” and hope you and the ladies are well.

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