Probably Wasn’t Zürich

St. Peter's church, ZurichShit taps me on the shoulder.

My son starts saying something about Zurich.

I am relieved to find a Kleenex in my pocket and say “Zurich? What?”

“When we were in Zurich together, you also got pigeon bombed.”

I wipe my shoulder. It has been a long time since I was last there. “I don’t remember being in Zurich with you”

“We were visiting your Aunt Edith.”

That would be a really long time ago.

It was the first time he heard someone say that getting crapped on by a pigeon was good luck. Memorable for him, just another pooping for me.

I still don’t think it was in Zurich.

2 thoughts on “Probably Wasn’t Zürich”

    1. My son is 29 and my aunt passed 20+ years ago. I had assumed something recent and was surprised to learn he was talking about a significant childhood memory.

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