If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, WhenHillel’s “If Not Now, When?” is more universal than “Do It Now!” or “Just Do It!”

It helps you plan because not everything can be done now. The “when” makes you think about a time for getting it done. You have things you can do now and you plan for all the other things you need to do. You are not overwhelmed by a long list of things to just do now.

Its other strength is that it’s harder to ignore a question than a command. Humans feel compelled to answer a question.
It’s a complex question. It makes you think.
You need to know, “Can I do it now?”
You will need to justify, to yourself, a “no”, so,
you will have also asked yourself “Why not now?”
And every-time you think of “not now,” you remember you will need to decide “when.”
You may decide, it’s simpler to just do it now.

From My Notebook – Page 6
Should’ve Been Working
Control What You Can, Which Is A Lot

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